Videos from Past Events

Raw footage-audio not mixed. The partial songs in this video are only a fraction of what we play. We play a WIDE variety of dance hits as well as our own Carolina Beach Hits.

Summerdaze at Blowing Rock.                                                                                                                                   

Summerdaze "Let's Stay Together". 

Summerdaze "Ooh Baby Baby"

Snipets from 3 different iphones at three different locations during April 2018 and a few from June-July 2017. Lots more video to come.

Thank you to PBS Charlotte WTVI Jason Terzis for this story and video. This story originally aired May 1st at 8pm on PBS Charlotte WTVI. PBS had followed us since September 2017 until the story aired. 

Summer Sand & Shag: A PBS Charlotte Documentary-More information on Carolina Beach music, the music, the deejays and the Catalinas, Chairmen of the Board and the Summerdaze Band. Premiering in June! Watch for it and purchase the DVD from PBS Charlotte WTVI.


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