Top 40 dance, party music with plenty of motown, oldies, Rock & Roll, Rap, Rhythm and Blues, Beach music and more. We play all the hottest hits from Frank Sinatra, Etta James all the way up to Bruno Mars, Zac Brown and more.

Summerdaze has been playing for eleven fun packed years and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. We are Seven lead vocalists including one female and six males AND we carry a two piece horn section. If you are one who wants even more horns; we can bring additional horn players for an additional price if you like. Just give us an idea of what you have in mind and we can get you a price quickly.

Dinner music: We can begin the evening if you like by playing a set of dinner-cocktail music and then come back to the stage with a long dance set of music, however; many customers now are preferring dinner-cocktail be played via iPod or a small quintet that is not amplified. Just tell us WHAT it is that you want and we can and will make it happen.

Want us to make your introductions for you? We absolutely can and at no extra cost. We'll also let you use a microphone to make any special toasts or speeches if you like. We'll arrive early to make sure the sound system and lights are set up and ready before your guests arrive.

Summerdaze has a solid reputation in the southeast of being very flexible and easy to work with. We have directed receptions with challenging time-lines and we have also worked with many Reception directors; all of them will tell you the same thing…call Summerdaze for a "seamless" presentation.

Ceremony Music: If you want a ceremony musician; trumpet player, sax player, guitarists….let us know before hiring someone outside to come in and play..some of our members have played many ceremonies and we can provide ceremony music as needed for a small increase in price. Many times the bride will just hire us to come in and play a few wedding solos during the ceremony and use an iPod during the seating. If you already have your ceremony musicians picked out and just need a smaller sound system and a few microphones; we can provide that as well. 


SandySea Music is the record label for the SUMMERDAZE band. SandySea Entertainment

provides customers "LIVE" entertainment for their event in every price range.