Q:  What type of band is Summerdaze?

A:  Summerdaze is a dance-variety party band that plays all the most requested dance hits and we promise to keep you and your guests on the floor all night long. We play top 40, beach, country, rock, motown, funk, oldies and more.


Q:  Some of the top 40 songs these days have offensive lyrics; do you do those?

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A:  Absolutely NOT. In fact we have been asked in the past to learn a song or two that had inappropriate lyrics and we refused to do it and even told the customer that they would have to find another band. We are a family band but we play the hottest dance music. Bad language has never been part of any of our shows; and never will.


Q:  Will you send me a song list to choose my songs from?

A:  Yes indeed we will. We'll send you our current play list about 45 days out and let you select what songs you prefer us play and songs you prefer us not play (some have memories…etc) We will even learn up to two songs if needed for your special dances; IF we have 60 days to do so. We play so many wedding receptions that we have to maintain that 60 day rule.


Q: What size stage or performance area does Summerdaze need?

A:  Summerdaze minimum performance area is about 12 feet deep and 18 feet long.


Q:  I have looked at other LARGER bands; 8 to 10 members as well as smaller bands of much less members.               What size is "normal" for bands.

A:   Every band is different. All bands carry different equipment, instruments, sound and lighting systems…etc.              If you want a band to operate at peak efficiency of performance…you'll need to give them room to do so.


Q:   How much do you charge; turn key…tax, tags, insurance and all?

A:   The price will vary and depends upon a lot of factors that we can't cover here. When you send us the price request, give us all the details as you know them and I'll get back to you with a price within 48 hours. 


Q:   Do you bring in lots of equipment with large speakers and have wires running across the floor?

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A:   NO. Most all of our vocal microphones are WIRELESS, our monitors are WIRELESS IN EAR MONITORS and we work very hard to ensure there are little to no wires laying anywhere where a guest could trip over them. We do NOT have a sound man that sets in the center of the room. Our sound is ran from an iPad. The engineer can move about in the room and mix as needed. Many times you won't even know what or who they are. We are as seamless as possible. We use state-of-the-art digital equipment that is serviced regularly.


Q:   Do you have liability insurance?

A:   YES we do and are one of the very few bands in the carolinas that actually think its important enough to protect our customers. Don't hire a band that does NOT carry liability insurance. Make them show you a cover sheet copy. You should not be responsible for an accident.


Q:   Who do I call if I want a quote or to talk with a live person?

A:   Thats the beauty of Summerdaze; you can hire us directly. Call or text Mitch Simpson at 803.984.7208  or email at summerdazeone@aol.com.  I'm the owner and I'll always show up and play the show with my band and I will ensure that everything we have talked about is done as you desire. I'll issue the contract and I get the deposit. Very simple indeed.


Q:   What if Summerdaze is already booked?

A:   We keep a file of great bands that we have actually heard and know as well as very competent deejays that we'll gladly recommend. We don't just recommend anyone. We must have played a show with them or heard them live in order to recommend and book them for your event. We don't book a band just because....we actually give you what you want and what is best for your budget and expectations!